Welcome to Amorous, a new bishounen-claiming rotation on the web. If there is a bishounen from an anime or video game that you absolutely love to bits and want to claim as your own you are in the right place.

REMEMBER: Please please include the series and character info instructed on the Join page. If we can figure out who it is from your banner, and we are in a good mood, we'll add you anyway, but if we have no idea.... you'll be rejected.


Opened October 06, 2007
Last Updated January 23, 2012
Bishounen's claimed 87

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October 27, 2011
Since I got asked this once I just want to let everyone know that this site IS STILL ACTIVE. I update whenever new members join so if you wanted to join before but thought the site was dead it's not. Please join~ Thank you!

April 07, 2011
Finally updated. Sorry it took me so long... I kind of forgot I owned this site but that shouldn't happen again. If you had joined and were not added then please join again if you would like. I'll be cleaning out the taken list soon to remove dead links, sites without the code and so on in the mean time.

February 25, 2010
Finally got around to updating Amorous, sorry it took so very long. I'll try to not let this happen again. Anyway if you joined and were not added you were either rejected because your site no longer existed or I could not find the link ANYWHERE whatsoever. Please rejoin if you want.

February 01, 2009
Amorous finally has a new layout!

October 06, 2007
Amorous is now open for members! Please join and claim your bishounen today!